Die Forging

Thanks to our expertise we provide services related to brass, bronze and steel die forging. We also supply services in the field of flashless forging, that enhances aesthetics of final product due to elimination of works related to removal of flash and improves competotiveness of products.

The possesed machinery including diversified eccentric presses of 200 T to 1000 T force and special sub presses for forging coring enables delivery of different shapes and high precision machining.

Additionally with state of the art hydraulic presses up to 350 T force we deliver forging that is beyond technical capacuty of mechnical presses.

The other advantage is flashless forging technology implemented under the EU project that is used to manufacture products made from ecological brass using lead free brass alloys.

Our company supplies also raw forgings (without additional surface operations) that feature with high quality surface condition as well as forgings after shot blasting. Upon request we deliver forginigs that could be underwent polishing or etching also.

Contact person

Adrian Meller
tel. +48 61 895 29 10