The history of our company dates back to the year 1946, when the Metallurgical Works began its operation. Initially,  the company handled production of industrial fitting products – latches, faucets, valves. The products’ high quality and sturdy workmanship has gained the trust of customers, and the brand started to become recognizable on the domestic and European market. The recent years of our operation are a period of significant specialization and investments in the production of forged elements, die forgings made from colored metals and steel. In the year 2010 we have moved our factory from the Swarzędz center to a modern headquarters in Rabowice

The primary branch of our manufacturing are products for the automotive industry – particularly, synchronizer rings for gearboxes, used in many leading vehicle brands

We manufacture watermeters and heatmeters bodies (included ultrasonic once) for the entire European market in accordance with all requirements of drinking water regulations. We have many years of experience in the production of gas cylinder valves and we are the last one manufacturer in this part of Europe.

Our manufacturing offer is rounded out by various die forgings from brass, bronze, and steel, dedicated for our customers’ individual needs.

Currently, we employ approx. 150 workers, we continue to develop – in the areas of new technologies, our machine park and new customers.