We provide comprehensive support at every stage of implementing a new project.

The process of designing and developing products and services is carried out in accordance with the standards of PN-EN ISO 9001.

To plan and supervise each stage of the process, we use a proprietary computer system to manage the entire production preparation area (projects, inquiries, technical documentation, tool management), thanks to which all relevant technical information is integrated, up-to-date and available.

Thanks to the combination of knowledge and experience of specialists in the fields of construction, technology, application programming and CNC machines, as well as robotization and logistics in the Department of Technical Preparation of Production, we are able to effectively implement very complex projects for our clients, requiring a comprehensive technical approach.

We provide strong support throughout the entire implementation stage of a new product – starting with the analysis of the inquiry, through the preparation of documentation and processing tools, and ending with the implementation of trial patterns and the commencement of serial production.