Our machine park is still growing

Expansion of the machine park means increased flexibility in production planning and improved competitiveness. Thanks to the constant modernization of the machine park, the automatization of forging processes, the purchase of specialized machine tools, we create new production lines to meet the expectations of our customers.

In 2022, we made decisions to purchase:

☛ OKUMA 5-axis machining center model MU-6300V, designed for precise machining of parts made of lead brass, copper alloys with a reduced lead content and bronze. The center is dedicated to the processing of parts such as a heat meter body or an ultrasonic water meter with a length of over 200 mm, intended for the water and heat metering industry, in one clamping,

☛ OWT-400B rotor-belt blast machine designed for industrial cleaning – surface treatment (shot-blasting) of small and medium-sized brass forgings, especially water meter bodies.