Expansion of the manufacturing area and purchase of a new Gnutti machine

Our machine park has been expanded with another new Gnutti transfer machine with automatic loading and unloading system, designed for precise machining of parts made of lead brass, lead-reduced copper alloys and bronze.

This machine tool is dedicated to parts as water and heat mechanical metering bodies, ultrasonic water and heat meters bodies, LPG fittings, brass equipment for welding applications.

It has a vertical rotary table with 10 machining stations, 23 independent cutting spindles with the possibility of transverse and torsional movements.

It was built especially for us using the most modern CNC solutions, it is distinguished by high flexibility, efficiency and productivity, which allow us to effectively compete on the market of water meter bodies manufacturers.

A completely new part of the factory was created for the new machine, expanding the machining area by an area of ​​360 m2.