Gaszyn Challenge – aid for Hania Łączkowska

We are pleased to inform, that employees of Fabryka Armatur “Swarzędz” sp. z o.o. have taken part in the #GaszynChallenge campaign. We wish to thank the company Instal Art Czaniec for the nomination, as we were happy to take up the challenge. We are extremely pleased to use this opportunity to aid little Hania Łączkowska.

We nominate:                                                   

  • Apator Powogaz from Poznań,
  • Norson from Sarbinowo,
  • Kuźnia Glinik from Gorlice,
  • Kuźnia Polska from Skoczów,
  • Alco – Mot from Czarnków.

The idea of the Gaszyn Challenge is clear – those nominated are tasked with recording a video showing them performing 10 pushups or squats, donating money to the fund-raiser, which in this case is aid for Hania Łączkowska, and nominate further participants. Hania is suffering from a very serious disease, which is SMA – spinal muscle atrophy. The chance of halting the disease is gene therapy, which can only be performed until 2 years of age. Time is running out, and the amount left to reach the goal is still very high.